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Sarab: Duji Tower

Sarab: Duji Tower is a traditional JRPG-styled game, which focuses on story-telling, exploration, puzzles and turn-based battling. Each main character has its own mysterious story. Also, the game has a unique atmosphere which absolutely makes it a different experience from other JRPG games.

Bleeding Knife

Bleeding Knife is a classic horror game based on exploration, puzzle solving and story-telling. You will have to search for items and pick the right choices to be able to make it to the end of the game.

Latest News

New Hook system

I’ve updated the hook system …
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Level 5 Video

Hi, I added a particle effect to the level. Hope you like it =) …
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Level 4 Video

Here’s the latest update: …
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New Title Screen

Hi! This is the new title Screen for the demo version of the game. Hope you like it …
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Level Two Video!

And here it is! Have a look at the level assets and tell me your opinion please …
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