Sarab: Duji Tower

Sarab: Duji Tower is a traditional JRPG-styled game, which focuses on story-telling, exploration, puzzles and turn-based battling. Each main character has its own mysterious story. Also, the game has a unique atmosphere which absolutely makes it a different experience from other JRPG games.

Bleeding Knife

Bleeding Knife is a classic horror game based on exploration, puzzle solving and story-telling. You will have to search for items and pick the right choices to be able to make it to the end of the game.


Fares is a side-scroller video game still under development. It's a platform game made for children from 7 to 70.

Latest News

New Hook system

I’ve updated the hook system …
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Level 5 Video

Hi, I added a particle effect to the level. Hope you like it =) …
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Level 4 Video

Here’s the latest update: …
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New Title Screen

Hi! This is the new title Screen for the demo version of the game. Hope you like it …
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Level Two Video!

And here it is! Have a look at the level assets and tell me your opinion please …
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